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Audits – inconvenient?  Yes, but despite the intention to satisfy the requestor, we take every opportunity to identify areas to improve efficiency and provide solutions for maximizing your company’s goals and profitability.

Peer Reviews

Christine has been doing peer reviews for over twelve years.  She has both large and small firm experience and she is an active member on the AICPA Peer Review Acceptance Board and serves as an AICPA Technical Reviewer.  Her diverse client base, technical auditor expertise and experience working with  firms of all sizes can provide your firm with improvements to your practice and enhancements to your technical, administrative and personnel management methods unattainable by CPE and other practice aids alone.

Forensic, Business Valuation and Litigation Support

Certified by the AICPA in Financial Forensics. What does that mean? Mysteries are solved here! We dig deep and we don’t come up until we have your answer to… “Who did it?” or “How’d they do that?” or “How much can we get for it?”

CPA Referral Services

No one can do everything themselves. Sometimes you need a little help from our friends. We work closely with many other CPAs and CPA firms and can give you the best referral for your needs.

Tax Preparation

Most taxpayers benefit greatly from using a professional tax preparer.  We will do our best to minimize your tax liabilities and ensure that you are availed of every deduction you should receive.

Christine was the original author many of the state tax programs currently in use by Turbo Tax when she worked as a program manager for tax software companies.




Other Accounting Services

 We realize nothing is in black and white, and we will work with you to resolve a wide variety of cases including financial statement review and compilation, business record assembly, and financial data organization, among other things.



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