An In-depth Look at Our Specialized Services

Like any business, you can never be too detail oriented. So we recommend to all our clients, new and old, to do your research and look for the qualifications and credentials your company needs and deserves.


Ringo & Associates CPA’s specialty is audits of financial statements.

We audit manufacturers, distributors, not for profit organizations, we perform Single Audits for federal award recipients, HUD audits, Yellow Book audits and audits of Employee Benefit Plans.

We understand that the benefit of having an audit are often viewed by the client as merely the satisfaction of the requestor (bank, regulator, government agency, contract awardee) and that it is difficult for most to notice any added value when they go through the process. This is why we take every opportunity to identify areas of improved efficiency and provide solutions for maximizing your company’s profitability and the organizations goals when possible.

Peer Review

Christine  has extensive experience performing peer reviews. She performs approximately 40 peer reviews over the three year rotational cycle and has both large and small firm experience. This unique advantage allows her to identify with the sole practitioner while also understanding the needs of a company with 30+ employees. But no matter the size, the added value Christine brings to each client is huge!

Forensic, Business Valuation and Litigation Support Services

Forensic, valuation and litigation support services require a CPA to be certified in this particular field. In addition to her CPA license, Christine is Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF). Through extensive continuing professional education courses in fraud, financial forensics, business valuation and litigation support services Christine keeps abreast of the latest developments in this increasingly sophisticated field,

CPA Referral Services

We work closely with many other CPAs and CPA firms and can give you the best referral for your needs.

We will be more than happy to help find someone to provide payroll, accounting, financial advisory and other services through our large network of CPA firms and other advisors.

  • If you need an expert in complicated partnerships…
  • If you need an expert in tax credits…
  • …. we know the firm(s) to connect you with.

Any expertise that you may need just come in and meet with us first. Together, we we will find the best CPA to fit your needs.

If your current CPA doesn’t do audits we will absolutely encourage you to keep your CPA for all the work they have been doing for you, i.e. your taxes, bookkeeping, and consulting then while handling your audit it will be our pleasure to work closely with your CPA to ensure a successful outcome.

We have excellent alliances with CPA firms throughout the state. This professional network provides us valuable case studies and information to assist with your unique situation. It’s a model that works very well for you, your CPA, and  above all, it’s affordable!

Tax Preparation

We have a genuine desire to minimize clients’ tax liabilities and do our best to make sure we avail you of every deduction you should receive.

Christine has a thorough knowledge of tax laws and strategies and is actually the original author of many of the State tax programs currently used by Turbo Tax. She enjoys finding ways to help you save as much money on your taxes as possible.

We prepare all business tax returns, individual (1040) tax returns, and returns for business owners.

Other Accounting Services
  • Review of financial statements
  • Compilation of quarterly or annual financial statements
  • Assembly of business records and financial information for tax return preparation
  • Agreed upon procedures on financial data

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